Engineering and Medical Aspects of the Humans Protection
against environmental influences - EMAHP 2016

The EMAHP 2016 conference promotes the cutting edge concept of interdisciplinary, recognizing the value of cooperation between disciplines medicine and engineering sciences. The aim of the interdisciplinary conference EMAHP 2016 is gather academics interested in aspects of the human beings protection against environmental influences. The Program Committee hopes that conference will be a valuable experience for its participants. EMAHP 2016 will be a great opportunity to discuss scientists’ topics of interest, to present their personal opinions and academic achievements, as well as to transfer knowledge and best practices.

We believe that it will be an opportunity to find new academic collaborations and publish scientific works in the conference proceedings.

Scientists and practitioners are encouraged to submit original, unpublished works. The topics of interest include to:

- environmental public health,

- public health protection,

- common aspects of the general medicine, the health sciences, the environmental protection and the development of technology,

- toxicology,

- rural medicine,

- impact of polluted water and air on human being,

- anthropogenic impact on the environment and nourishment production,

- the effect of industrial noise and vibration on people,

- technical possibilities of human protection in the event of negative environmental impact

- innovative and personalized medicine

- the physical effects of long-term influences